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Endpoint Security Inc is the Grand Prize winner of the OilComm 2018 Startup Space competition. Six companies competed in Houston, Texas for this coveted prize in October. Endpoint Security had the clearest value proposition and took top honors.



I was honored with an invitation to speak at the Future Technologies Conference 2018 held in Vancouver. There I gave a synopsis of the inner workings of Endpoint’s technology. All of the tech industries’ futurists were in attendance, a very elite group. It has indeed an honor to include Endpoint’s polarization fingerprinting among topics like quantum computing, robotics, and blockchain.

CEO Page Heller at Future Technologies Conference in Vancouver

CEO Page Heller at Future Technologies Conference in Vancouver





Endpoint offers an astonishing solution for authentication of fixed, wireless devices; securing the future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Using naturally occurring fingerprints contained in RF signals, Endpoint doesn't rely on encryption and doesn't consume any bandwidth. Each device on the network (also known as an endpoint) has an inherent fingerprint based on its location and signal path; its own biometric. Every communication is checked for its corresponding fingerprint by Endpoint's system. The result is a secure wireless communications system that is backwards compatible with older devices, without modifying them, and is complaint with all 802.11x protocols, Bluetooth, Zigbee and others. In fact, Endpoint is protocol and standard agnostic.

Endpoint is a private corporation. We would be glad to talk to you as we plot our entry into the marketplace.


PO Box 11426
College Station, TX 77842


+1 979 599 2597
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No Encryption

  No Security Key

    Simplified Authentication Methods

      No Network Protocol Layer Processing

        Backward Compatible

          Zero-Day Threat Prevention

            Rogue Access Point Protection

              No Need to Modify Endpoints

                Protocol Agnostic

                  Zero-Touch Onboarding


Partners play a huge role in creating a viable and lasting company. Endpoint is proud to claim the following partners working to support the efforts to bring a solid and highly desirable product to market. We extend our thanks.


Plug and Play

Plug and Play awarded Endpoint $20,000 in services, $10,000 in investments, and a complimentary 10-week stay at their facilities in Sunnyvale, California, the heart of Silicon Valley

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IDEA Center

Notre Dame has invested in Endpoint with a fixed sum that will apply to the portfolio of patents that make up Endpoint's strong protection position


Hopes Creek

Hopes Creek Consulting is providing intellectual property consultation pro bono

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Team Endpoint


page heller, ceo, is a professional engineer in electrical engineering and began his career designing custom industrial control systems, as Micon Engineering, for his customers: ABB, Schumberger Industries, Pirelli and NASA. He is a Certified Licensing Professional. He has founded a number of companies.

jay labhart, coo, served as the Senior Director of Cybersecurity (IOT, Industrial Internet, Cloud) within GE’s Chief Engineers Office. Led world-wide design sites focused on building complex products and industrial control solutions for the Energy sector.  Proven track record building and deploying industrial security solutions in the Oil & Gas market.  Previous experience leading computer technology startup through acquisition.

tom pratt, cto, holds a PhD in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech. He has researched radio frequency phenomena for eight years and currently serves as research faculty at Notre Dame, where he pursues military applications of wireless communications. His interests include MIMO channel modeling and dual-pole applications.

bob moore, cfo, served as managing director of Donaldson, Lufkin, Jenrette and later as managing director and cfo for IPXI, LLC. While in these positions, he worked with communications technology companies across the globe in valuing and licensing telecommunications technologies relating to 802.11x. 

heena purohit, cmo, holds an MBA from Notre Dame and a BE in telecommunications from the U of Mumbai. She previously worked with Accenture, designing custom technology solutions for industry clients. Heena is also affiliated with IBM Watson's IOT department.

dustin schoedel, cio, holds an MBA from Notre Dame and a BA in Computer Science from Fordham. Dustin served as a surface warfare officer in the United States Navy where he managed the ship's electrical grid. This is Dustin's second company.


“What this world consists of, we cannot say or conjecture; we can only conjecture what it seems, or might seem to be, to minds not too different from ours.”

— Henri Poincaré


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